We are ambitious and determined

to make presenting fun and interactive again

Our plan?

Deliver the first-ever presentation system

that empowers both presenters and their audience:


crowdbeamer is developed by RORYCO, a company founded with the mission to bring to market easy to use solutions for all professionals who are involved in presenting information to a live audience. Our vision is to make presenting fun and interactive again through information sharing solutions that make life easier – anywhere, anytime & whatever the size of the audience.

Our vision

Cost and ecological pressures are major drivers for reducing face-to-face meetings, but the fact is that people are meeting more and more.  Also, where they meet is becoming increasingly varied.  These trends call for new solutions that optimize the meeting experience for everybody involved.

A need for just-in-time solutions

To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings, digital technologies are increasingly entering the stage. But what is most critical is to handle just-in-time aspects, such as adapting information just before it is presented or instantly providing the audience with up-to-date handouts.

a just-in-time solution

A need for visual solutions

A digital picture being worth a thousand words, it allows for sharing information during meetings in the most compact manner possible. In addition, visual information sharing is the most effective way to have any audience remember a story.

A need for personalized solutions

While ongoing digitalization efforts focus on empowering presenters, the audience should obviously not be overlooked. If presenters want to engage their audience in a more effective way, solutions are needed that make it easy to capture relevant information being shared and to add notes & remarks on the spot – creating a personalized library of relevant content.

a personalized solution

A need for mobile solutions

Digital technologies make it possible to work from anywhere. But sharing information between professionals that meet at various locations calls for mobile presentation technologies. No longer confined by meeting room walls, they enable professionals to instantly present and share information wherever they are.

The crowdbeamer story so far…

June 2018

At Infocomm Las Vegas, crowdbeamer wins a Best of Show Award Tech & Learning – the second award in 2018.

April 2018

Crowdbeamer wins NAB Best of Show Award, presented by Government Video.

October 2017

A distribution agreement for the BeNeLux region is signed with Tech Data Maverick.  This marks the beginning of the international roll-out of a distribution channel.

June 2016

An international patent is granted for crowdbeamer’s unique technology concept.

January 2016

An extensive market analysis in and beyond our country of origin Belgium, is performed by independent market research authority iVox to assess the potential of digital innovations for meetings & presentations, and to understand which capabilities are most critical for success.

September 2015

RORYCO is selected as one of top 3 companies in the Entrepreneurial Summit 2015 organized by KBC Securities, the integrated equity house of European bank-insurer KBC Group. As a result, RORYCO manages to attract additional funding for the development of crowdbeamer.

May 2015

A technology feasibility study is undertaken by imec, the central hub of digital research and entrepreneurship in Flanders.

February 2015

Belgium-based RORYCO is founded by Hans Romaen and Peter Ryckaert.

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