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Sharing information with all participants is at the core of all successful meetings. And yet it is often so difficult to do that.

Not so with crowdbeamer. Crowdbeamer makes sharing an absolute breeze, enabling everybody to view all information directly on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

And the best is yet to come. Crowdbeamer works all by itself, not depending on the availability of conference room technology.

This presentation system is a must-have for anyone who wants to share information in a modern, simple way. It’s almost unthinkable that it didn’t exist yet. You get the same information on your personal device as you see on the big screen, which significantly improves readability.
It pays off to sit around the table together with your audience during training. That’s because everybody gets into the heart of the presentation. And thanks to crowdbeamer, the big projector screen is not even needed anymore.
Michel De BosschereMichel De BosschereFormer VP & Board Member - RICOH
Karl OdentKarl OdentCo-founder - SalesBridge

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Get more done in less time

Using the free crowdbeamer app on their smartphone, tablet or laptop, participants can decide which information to capture and how to add notes, mark text, … to build a report by the end of the meeting.

With all information readily available on their personal device, participants easily save 10 minutes each time they need to retrieve it afterward.

The crowdbeamer app is a big time saver, both during and after meetings.

The work is done by the end of the meeting

Using the crowdbeamer app, no extra work is required after the meeting – not even to distribute the meeting report. After all, the crowdbeamer app makes it easy to export to other business apps or share with others.

And as the app saves all information in a visual format, it’ so much easier to retrieve it afterward. The visuals simply serve as a handy memory aid. No more need to ask yourself ‘Where did I ever write that down during the meeting?’.

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Use with any conference room technology

Real-time sharing with crowdbeamer works great by itself, enabling you to hold productive meetings anywhere you want. But crowdbeamer is also a powerful extension to any conference room technology you are using already today. Simply connect crowdbeamer, and start sharing.

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