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Corporate meetings during COVID-19

Work environment and technology

We used to live in a world where doing business meant meeting each other face to face to discuss, consult and decide. Meetings were an integral and important part of the work environment and deals were struck with a handshake.

But now, we can ask ourselves if we’ll ever return to that world?

The CoViD-19 pandemic has forced us all to think about the way we live life.

On the one hand, we are being forced to reevaluate our work environment: Business meetings in a small, confined space. Everyone watching the presenter giving his/her presentation somewhat attentively, that is if we’re not checking our e-mails at the same time. Our eyes fixed on the monitor at the front of the room, but we’re not able to make out every small detail on each slide.

How can we apply social distancing measures to this environment? How can we make sure that our work is done efficiently while at the same time keeping in mind every aspect of this pandemic?

On the other hand, the SARS-CoV 2 (virus) has taught us the value of modern-day technology. We’ve all discovered new ways of staying in touch with family, friends and colleagues through digital platforms such as Skype, WebEx, Zoom or even Houseparty. In the corporate world, people are now realizing they can work together and be productive even though they are working from home. And as an added bonus traffic jams are non-existent, we all have more time to go for walks or work out and we have learned the value of having a light and flexible schedule. These new technologies turn social distancing into physical distancing, and they make the lockdown more bearable.

However, human beings have always been social creatures and there’s one thing we are all looking forward to the moment we’ll be allowed to go visit family and friends again.

As a result of this pandemic, we are left searching and wondering: How will we do business in the future? Because even in the work environment, there is still a strong need for social interaction.

How can we get back to that?

Social Distancing

At Crowdbeamer we believe that meeting people in person can create significant added value to your business. And we also believe that we can help you to achieve more and better interaction while taking into account the current regulations regarding CoViD-19.

Instructions on “social distancing” read: always keep 1,5 to 2 meters distance between each other. As a consequence, bigger meeting rooms will have to be used. This means that participants will be seated further away from the screen or projection and as a result, they might not be able to see the presentation anymore. This situation will undoubtedly affect your attendant’s attention span and the way they interact with each other and the presenter, resulting in a decrease in efficiency and productivity.

On top of that, you should air out your meeting room for 30 minutes after each meeting. This means that you lose 30 minutes of valuable time that could have been spent working together. Once again resulting in a decrease in efficiency and productivity.

Crowdbeamer can easily solve this problem because it allows each individual to follow a presentation directly and in real-time on their own device. You can also zoom in on the content and you’re able to take snapshots to take home with you.

Crowdbeamer is a mobile device with a built-in battery which allows you to quickly transfer it from one room to another.  On top of that, it generates its own Wifi-network.

So, in a strict sense, you don’t need a meeting room any more. There are actually no limitations to where Crowdbeamer can be used.

Spring is in the air and summer is just around the corner, so why not organize your meetings outside? Simply ask your participants to take a chair, respect the social distance and start working outside.

This means there are literally thousands of unique locations you can turn into a meeting room. From the company garden to the parking lot to the big auditorium. Just bring your Crowdbeamer and start working together. Any location on the company grounds can now be called a meeting room.

Flexibility and diversity

Crowdbeamer offers a flexible solution to the meeting room, not only for organizers but also for the presenter and the attendees.

The presenter is able to share and present any type of digital content he/she chooses. From PowerPoints over excel sheets to video. Simply connect a source to the Crowdbeamer using an HDMI cable and start your meeting!

The attendees can sit wherever they like and they will always have a good view of the presentation because the presentation is streamed to their personal device. The added zoom function makes sure that no detail escapes their attention.

As a result of this setup, attendees will pay more attention to the meeting topic and to the presenter. It will improve their interaction with the subject that is being discussed, with the presenter and with each other. All these qualities will lead to an efficient and productive meeting.

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Stephan RoosenCorporate meetings during COVID-19
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WOW your audience during presentations & workshops at Foodies Arena

In a hurry?

Download this case story to read it offline.

Foodies Arena is a new co-working and co-creation place founded by the young entrepreneurs Rebecca Hucks and Angelo Verroeye. The extraordinary thing about Foodies Arena is that it promotes a healthy active lifestyle at work. While Foodies Arena offers freelancers, starting entrepreneurs and young companies a dynamic working environment that stimulates productivity, creativity, and co-creation, it also helps them achieve a healthy work-life balance. It’s therefore no coincidence that this unique co-working place is built around a running track.

Foodies Arena is the perfect place for anyone who wants to be inspired and surrounded by other enterprising people. In addition to flexible co-working spaces and members-only private offices, Foodies Arena offers 6 meeting rooms with a capacity of 6 to 20 people. And as a part of its service offering, Foodies Arena regularly organizes business workshops for members and non-members alike to provide young entrepreneurs with opportunities to develop new professional skills.

During the meetings and workshops organized in the unique Foodies Arena setting, crowdbeamer is used to connect presenters with their audience in the best possible way.

A very flexible solution.

“We actually bought crowdbeamer because it offers a very flexible solution for our daily needs,” says Rebecca Hucks. “Crowdbeamer is not at all tied to a fixed location. You can easily take this portable device from one meeting room to another and start using it straight away. And since we have 6 meeting rooms of various sizes, flexibility is vital for us. That’s where crowdbeamer truly shines!

Of course, we could have installed projectors and projection screens in all our meeting rooms. But that would have significantly increased the total cost. A mobile installation would have been more cost-attractive, but moving projectors and projection screens between meeting rooms remains quite a hassle. And then we are not even talking about what you need to do to have everything working as expected. With crowdbeamer, we don’t have any worries about that at all.”

Adding notes à la minute.

“Our customers appreciate crowdbeamer a lot,” Rebecca continues. “Most of them use Powerpoint presentations during meetings and have a habit of sending PDF handouts by email afterward. That’s not very convenient for any of the meeting participants. In fact, meeting participants would like nothing better than adding their notes directly to digital handouts during the meeting.

That’s precisely what they can do with crowdbeamer. They can take screenshots of the presentation in real time and use the handy crowdbeamer app to save these screenshots on their laptop, tablet or smartphone while adding notes à la minute.”

WOWing your audience.

“We also use crowdbeamer during our weekly kick-start meetings on Monday morning,” Angelo Verroeye explains. “During these kick-start meetings, our members share experiences of the past week and challenges of the week ahead.

Crowdbeamer equally comes in handy during the workshops that we organize. These workshops are very interactive by nature, compared to meetings with PowerPoint presentations. Fortunately, crowdbeamer’s versatility is second to none. There is probably no better proof than the cooking workshop that we organized in the Foodies Arena kitchen during our kick-off event.

During that kick-off event, we had a video camera set up to film the chef at work from very close by and we projected the recording onto 2 large displays. As we had over 100 guests participating that night, it was by no means evident for everybody to view the recording. That’s why we connected crowdbeamer to the video camera and streamed the recording in real time to all smartphones in the audience. If I ever saw an audience WOWed, that was the time! Thanks to crowdbeamer, everybody could see from close at hand what the chef was doing. And even when guests moved from one room to another, they could continue to watch the cooking demonstration on their smartphones. Awesome!”

Luc MeulewaeterWOW your audience during presentations & workshops at Foodies Arena
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Sales presentations

Customer presentations

No two sales presentations are the same

Whatever product or service you are selling, prospective customers are looking for information that makes them understand how you can help them solve their problems. As a result of the many interactions during a successful sales presentation, every such presentation will be unique. So why then should every customer receive the same handouts? Shouldn’t those handouts reflect the discussion and the interaction during the presentation?

Not providing prospect customers with the most relevant and valuable information represents a missed opportunity. Crowdbeamer enables you to fix that issue and deliver custom digital handouts with any type of visual content (including web content and movies), leaves a lasting impression with any prospective customer.

Crowdbeamer instantly shares personalized content, making a great impression from the start

Using crowdbeamer’s private WiFi network, you can instantly share your laptop’s screen content with your prospective customer. Not depending on the accessibility of a corporate WiFi network or the availability of an external power supply at the customer’s site, you can instantly use crowdbeamer exactly where you need it – making a great impression from the very first moment.

And what’s best of all: there is no need to bother your customer up-front by asking to provide a projector display or access to their corporate WiFi network. While you’re sharing content in real time, your customer can just use the free crowdbeamer app to capture your content on a smartphone, tablet or laptop and enrich it with private comments.

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Luc MeulewaeterSales presentations
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Board meetings

Board meetings

Overseeing company strategy and policies in a globalized world

The increasing globalization of business operations impacts how board meetings are being conducted. Especially with the rise of modern cost-effective video conferencing tools like Adobe® Connect™, Cisco WebEx®, Citrix GoToMeeting® (just to name a few), board members can quickly join from different locations in the world.

Even more sophisticated video conferencing facilities can be realized using digital video cameras or purpose-built visual collaboration solutions instead of laptop cameras. Many such digital video cameras support USB interfaces, expanding their ability to work with any meeting room hardware. In addition to providing high-definition image quality, some of today’s most innovative camera designs come with built-in intelligence to facilitate communication – zooming in on people as they are speaking.

crowdbeamer makes it easier for board members to interact in a more natural way

Whatever the location from which board members join a meeting, crowdbeamer makes it easy for them to interact with others. Connecting crowdbeamer with modern videoconferencing and presentation hardware delivers information right to every board member’s personal device. Rather than staring at a remote projector or television display, board members can easily make eye contact – even with people joining from a remote location.

And crowdbeamer keeps things exceptionally simple and time-efficient. It does not require any software to be installed, and is very easy to use. Board members will therefore not feel hindered by any technology constraints, but will even find it easier to interact with others in a more natural way.

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Luc MeulewaeterBoard meetings
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Team discussions

Team discussions

Informal team discussions can be nice for a change, but how to make them productive?

Along with an increasing trend to repurpose private office space into open workplaces, social meeting spaces are gaining popularity within many companies. Often referred to as huddle spaces, these semi-enclosed spaces provide a relaxed environment where people feel encouraged to engage more interactively. Perfect for short informal meetings and team discussions, huddle spaces boost collaboration and creativity.

But as huddle spaces usually lack any technologies such as a display or a whiteboard, it may become quite a challenge to take a meeting beyond the level of a casual chat. Even if huddle spaces provide an informal environment, huddle space meetings should still be productive. That’s why participants must be able to visualize and share ideas hassle-free, especially when they bring their own devices (BYOD) along. And that’s precisely where crowdbeamer’s screen sharing technology proves to be invaluable.

Crowdbeamer instantly turns any huddle space into a functional meeting environment

Using crowdbeamer’s private WiFi network and built-in battery, anybody joining in a huddle can instantly share screen content with others. And everybody present can use the free crowdbeamer app to capture shared screen content on a smartphone, tablet or laptop and sync it to a favorite note-taking app or cloud storage service.

That’s how crowdbeamer instantly turns huddle spaces into a temporary but fully functional meeting environment where people feel free to interact and discuss – unhindered by technology constraints. In doing so, crowdbeamer provides organizations with a flexible, low-cost solution that maximizes both office space utilization and employee productivity.

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Luc MeulewaeterTeam discussions
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Project meetings

Project meetings

Project meetings are about communication to make decisions

Project meetings are essential instruments to monitor and advance project implementation status on a regular basis. Involving all stakeholders, project meetings are mostly about communication to make joint decisions that ensure on-time and on-budget delivery.

To achieve that, project meetings focus on fostering collaboration among all participants. And while they are mostly well planned and structured, the success of these meetings also depends on a somewhat fluid modus operandi that aims to engage people fully. In the heat of the battle, things may come to the verge of being chaotic with participants sharing, commenting or even reshaping ideas using the available display and whiteboard technologies.

Crowdbeamer delivers decision information to project stakeholders’ devices

Ultimately, however, information and ideas need to be shared transparently with project stakeholders. Rather than visualizing decision information on a projector or television display, crowdbeamer delivers it directly to everybody’s device. By inciting project stakeholders to make eye contact (rather than staring at a remote screen), crowdbeamer restores the optimal discussion environment and encourages meeting participants to interact.

Crowdbeamer keeps it simple, not requiring to install any software. Even hooking it up to an interactive whiteboard is straightforward, and instantly delivers the whiteboard’s content to any project stakeholder’s laptop, tablet or smartphone. Also, crowdbeamer’s ability to not just capture static screen images but to record entire presentation fragments as well makes it possible to document the various steps during the decision-making process and save it for future consultation.

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Project meetings
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