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Go4Cycling briefs customers during cycling events and custom-built bike tours using crowdbeamer

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Go4Cycling is a sports tour operator specialized in customized cycling events. The company offers VIP hospitality experiences for all Spring Classics (a series of one-day cycling races held throughout Western Europe, including Milan-San Remo, the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix) and for multi-stage bicycle races such as the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia. Providing elite quality services for cyclists and spectators, Go4Cycling also organizes custom-built bike tours, corporate events, and business incentives. Go4Cycling uses crowdbeamer for customer briefings during cycling events and bike tours.

Nothing is impossible.

“Whenever we build custom-tailored bike tours or events,” Gregory Sergeant says, “our credo is that “Nothing is impossible.” To guarantee our customers the experience of a lifetime, we prepare everything to perfection. That includes professional coaching during every event, and making sure our customers get all the information they need.”

Offering a unique sporting experience.

Informing customers during cycling events or tours is not as easy as it seems at first sight. Communication moments need to be carefully selected such that they do not stand in the way of a unique sporting experience.

“Short briefings during bus rides or in a hotel lobby are therefore ideally suited to inform our customers,” Gregory Sergeant continues. “But since communication infrastructure in buses or hotel lobbies is rather limited, we used to rely on informal oral customer briefings. Unfortunately, oral briefings are usually not very effective. People quickly forget what we tell them, or just lose the paper on which they carefully noted down the information.

That’s why we continued to get the same questions over and over again after customer briefings, even though we covered them extensively during the briefing. That became an issue for us. And if you want to be serious about offering customers the experience of a lifetime, it’s an issue you need to solve. There was simply no option but to further professionalize our full range of services – including communication during events and tours.”

Launching the app, that’s all there is to it.

Go4Cycling, therefore, started looking for a solution that makes it easy to brief customers effectively, whatever the circumstances. During this search, crowdbeamer quickly came into view.

And thanks to its built-in battery, crowdbeamer is perfect for use during a bus ride or in a hotel lobby. As soon as our staff connects the presentation tablet to the portable crowdbeamer device, they can start sharing information with our customers. Crowdbeamer indeed is a fantastic solution to brief customers.”

Perfect to use at any location.

Go4Cycling - using crowdbeamer for customer briefings during a bus ride at cycling events“Once you start using crowdbeamer, it’s so easy to discover new opportunities,” Gregory Sergeant continues. “A visual communication tool such as crowdbeamer enables us to provide our customers with much more relevant information than ever was the case in the past. If we want to inform them about the next day’s ride, just to give an example, we can now summarize that information in a few slides. We can use maps and diagrams to document the complete track, the critical points along that track, … in a professional manner. We can then share all of this with our customers. They can use the crowdbeamer app to take screenshots and store these screenshots safely on their smartphone.

And to make all of that possible, we do not have to make any compromises at all. Crowdbeamer just works perfectly at any location, whatever the circumstances. Just imagine, for example, the busyness and excitement during a VIP hospitality experience such as the one we organize during the Tour of Flanders. We quickly have more than 500 customers participating, spread over many buses. Thanks to crowdbeamer, these bus rides will be ideally suited to brief a large group of people.”

Luc MeulewaeterGo4Cycling briefs customers during cycling events and custom-built bike tours using crowdbeamer
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