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To The Point At Work uses crowdbeamer to capture and manage the attention of course participants

Providing strategic communication and presentation design services, To The Point At Work helps managers and experts communicate in a more transparent and precise manner. To The Point At Work also organizes courses where teams learn how to translate complex information into crisp impactful presentations using practical and validated methods. During these sessions, To The Point At Work uses crowdbeamer to manage the attention of course participants more effectively.

Managing the brain of your audience is a real challenge.

“Even the most experienced professionals often find it difficult to communicate effectively,” says Edouard Gruwez. “The curse of knowledge, that’s how I name the difficulty they’re facing. The more you know about a specific topic, the more difficult it becomes to understand how your communication is perceived by an audience that doesn’t have your knowledge. Also, presenters systematically overestimate their audience’s ability to multitask and to process large amounts of new information.

That’s precisely why we focus on how an audience experiences the communication during a presentation, and what you can do as a presenter to manage your listeners’ brains more efficiently. There’s no doubt that your verbal and non-verbal communication style matter in that respect. But body language and tone of voice are not the most decisive factors at all. That is an unfortunate but very persistent myth. Our research proves that the quantity of information and the structure of that information are far more important. That’s why we teach our clients to prepare their content in a logically structured way, translate that structure into a compelling story and complete it with clarifying and memorable visuals and slides.”

It’s all about grabbing the full attention of your audience.

“Our courses are usually a mix of presentations by the teacher, experiments and exercises,” Edouard Gruwez continues. “We alternate the various types of presentations: inspiring presentations, informative presentations, data-rich presentations, elevator pitches, presentations with or without slides,… That’s how we make participants feel what makes a message impactful and what doesn’t. In a next step, they build on these experiences by applying the principles to their presentations.

There’s one question that consistently comes back during every course: will we get a copy of the slides? Personally, I find the question fascinating because it illustrates an inherent conflict that every presenter struggles with. In the minds of most business people, the slides ‘are’ the content. But if all information is on the screen and in the handouts, the attention of the audience is all over the place. And in today’s world of information overload, attention has become a scarce resource. Excellent presenters, therefore, handle the attention of their audience very carefully, grabbing it right from the start and keeping it throughout their entire presentation.”

Crowdbeamer helps your audience capture the most relevant information.

Taking selective screenshots with crowdbeamer has far more benefits for the audience than distributing lengthy handouts. The reason is straightforward: people only use information if it is relevant to them. Powerful visual content with limited text is the cornerstone of every good presentation. It prevents your audience from getting lost in words and makes it easier for everybody to keep the focus on your story.”

Crowdbeamer makes it easy to complement quality screenshots with keywords.

To The Point at Work - Using the crowdbeamer app“Whenever we use crowdbeamer during a course, we add an extra slide at the beginning of our presentation. While we inform participants about crowdbeamer, they have the time to install the free crowdbeamer app on their smartphone or tablet. We emphasize that it is not needed to add detailed notes to every screenshot. In our experience, a few well-chosen keywords are usually sufficient.

We have done extensive research into how the human brain stores information. So I’m quite confident about our approach and how crowdbeamer can add value. A picture might not be worth a thousand words, but at least a few hundred. Pictures retrieve memories of the presentation afterward, and a few well-chosen keywords further strengthen that process.”

Luc MeulewaeterTo The Point At Work uses crowdbeamer to capture and manage the attention of course participants
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Crowdbeamer helps SalesBridge get closer to the customer during workshops and training

SalesBridge helps companies structure and manage their sales processes better using powerful CRM solutions. But, unlike other players on the market, SalesBridge does not take the CRM software as a starting point. Its absolute priority is to analyze and map the pains within the customer’s sales organization, and design and implement an effective CRM solution from there onwards. Interaction and dialogue with the customer during workshops, demonstrations, and training are critical elements of this unique approach. Crowdbeamer helps SalesBridge get closer to the customer during the process.

Facilitating audience engagement during training and workshops.

“As every single CRM project starts from the pains within our customer’s sales organization,” says Karl Odent, “an extraordinary kind of interaction always develops quickly. If I were to summarize that interaction in one word, no doubt I would choose the word engagement. Engaging everybody to the full during the entire process of analyzing, implementing and training is crucial to realize a CRM project that makes a difference to our customer.

As a qualified consultant and trainer, I have also helped quite a few professionals develop better communication skills. In doing that, I have experienced all too often that you need to facilitate audience engagement by using the proper methods and tools. That is not always easy, as so many things grab the attention of workshop and training participants all too easily – not in the least the projector screen and flipchart that you typically find in conference rooms. As a result, training sessions or workshops quickly degenerate into a presenter monologue. That is not OK.”

Getting everybody around the table, eyes facing each other.

That’s why SalesBridge resolutely opts for a different approach in which everybody (including the trainer) sits around the table, eyes facing each other. The trainer sitting amidst the audience, everybody in the audience gets into the heart of the presentation and there is no risk of anybody getting cold feet. Entirely different group dynamics start to develop, with real interaction and dialogue between trainer and the audience.

With crowdbeamer, presenters get the undivided attention of their audience.

The beauty of crowdbeamer? It brings benefits to both presenters and their audience.

Using crowdbeamer during a SalesBridge workshop“When I see how people use the crowdbeamer app on their tablet or laptop,” Karl Odent concludes, “it is primarily to capture the information that is important to them (which is different from one person to the other, of course). In any case, workshop or training participants using the crowdbeamer app are no longer stuck with a pile of handouts that they have no use for afterward. On the contrary, they can selectively take screenshots of what they find most relevant for themselves. The fact that they can save these screenshots in Full HD quality is a big bonus, as it maximizes the usability of their own digital handouts.

For me as a presenter, there’s the additional benefit that I do not need to worry about what I can share with my audience. I am not limited to sharing PowerPoint presentations or PDF documents only. If I want to share a demonstration of our CRM software with everybody in my audience, that’s perfectly possible with crowdbeamer. And if anybody in the audience has a specific question, I can immediately respond to that while all participants can take that information into their own notes.

That’s the unique beauty of crowdbeamer: while it brings benefits to me as a presenter, it also delivers so many perks to everybody in our audience. Using crowdbeamer is a great way to facilitate audience engagement in workshops and training.”

Luc MeulewaeterCrowdbeamer helps SalesBridge get closer to the customer during workshops and training
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