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Foodies Arena is a new co-working and co-creation place founded by the young entrepreneurs Rebecca Hucks and Angelo Verroeye. The extraordinary thing about Foodies Arena is that it promotes a healthy active lifestyle at work. While Foodies Arena offers freelancers, starting entrepreneurs and young companies a dynamic working environment that stimulates productivity, creativity, and co-creation, it also helps them achieve a healthy work-life balance. It’s therefore no coincidence that this unique co-working place is built around a running track.

Foodies Arena is the perfect place for anyone who wants to be inspired and surrounded by other enterprising people. In addition to flexible co-working spaces and members-only private offices, Foodies Arena offers 6 meeting rooms with a capacity of 6 to 20 people. And as a part of its service offering, Foodies Arena regularly organizes business workshops for members and non-members alike to provide young entrepreneurs with opportunities to develop new professional skills.

During the meetings and workshops organized in the unique Foodies Arena setting, crowdbeamer is used to connect presenters with their audience in the best possible way.

A very flexible solution.

“We actually bought crowdbeamer because it offers a very flexible solution for our daily needs,” says Rebecca Hucks. “Crowdbeamer is not at all tied to a fixed location. You can easily take this portable device from one meeting room to another and start using it straight away. And since we have 6 meeting rooms of various sizes, flexibility is vital for us. That’s where crowdbeamer truly shines!

Of course, we could have installed projectors and projection screens in all our meeting rooms. But that would have significantly increased the total cost. A mobile installation would have been more cost-attractive, but moving projectors and projection screens between meeting rooms remains quite a hassle. And then we are not even talking about what you need to do to have everything working as expected. With crowdbeamer, we don’t have any worries about that at all.”

Adding notes à la minute.

“Our customers appreciate crowdbeamer a lot,” Rebecca continues. “Most of them use Powerpoint presentations during meetings and have a habit of sending PDF handouts by email afterward. That’s not very convenient for any of the meeting participants. In fact, meeting participants would like nothing better than adding their notes directly to digital handouts during the meeting.

That’s precisely what they can do with crowdbeamer. They can take screenshots of the presentation in real time and use the handy crowdbeamer app to save these screenshots on their laptop, tablet or smartphone while adding notes à la minute.”

WOWing your audience.

“We also use crowdbeamer during our weekly kick-start meetings on Monday morning,” Angelo Verroeye explains. “During these kick-start meetings, our members share experiences of the past week and challenges of the week ahead.

Crowdbeamer equally comes in handy during the workshops that we organize. These workshops are very interactive by nature, compared to meetings with PowerPoint presentations. Fortunately, crowdbeamer’s versatility is second to none. There is probably no better proof than the cooking workshop that we organized in the Foodies Arena kitchen during our kick-off event.

During that kick-off event, we had a video camera set up to film the chef at work from very close by and we projected the recording onto 2 large displays. As we had over 100 guests participating that night, it was by no means evident for everybody to view the recording. That’s why we connected crowdbeamer to the video camera and streamed the recording in real time to all smartphones in the audience. If I ever saw an audience WOWed, that was the time! Thanks to crowdbeamer, everybody could see from close at hand what the chef was doing. And even when guests moved from one room to another, they could continue to watch the cooking demonstration on their smartphones. Awesome!”

About Foodies Arena

Foodies Arena

Foodies Arena is a new co-working and co-creation place founded by the young entrepreneurs Rebecca Hucks and Angelo Verroeye. They both look very young but already have quite some experience behind them. Rebecca Hucks (28) comes from the HR sector, while Angelo Verroeye has his own company and is specialized in market measurement

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