Personal screen sharing

Presenting? Engage your audience like never before!

Presenter using crowdbeamer to share screen content and enable personalized information sharing for the audience
  • Share your story – here and now

    Simply plug crowdbeamer into any device with a video output, and share any screen content to enable personalized information sharing for your audience. Using crowdbeamer’s private Wi-Fi network and built-in battery, you can literally do this anywhere.

  • Deliver a unique experience

    Engage audiences of any size in your own natural style, unhindered by technology constraints. Stay in control when inserting and sharing content in real time – disabling forward viewing, safeguarding IP or blocking sensitive information during screen sharing.

  • Get peace of mind forever

    Don’t worry any longer about getting last-minute updates of your presentation content to your audience. Trust in crowdbeamer to take care of that, and free up valuable time to prepare your content in the best way possible.

Participating? Get the best seat during any meeting!

  • Always get a clear view of any story

    Gone are the days when low projector quality or inconvenient seating made for a poor audience experience. Install the crowdbeamer app on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and invariably get a great view of what’s being presented.

  • Focus on what’s relevant for you

    The crowdbeamer app lets you effortlessly capture any screen content being shared while avoiding information overload. Take a snapshot or record an entire presentation fragment, but only do so whenever you consider it relevant.

  • Safely store your key takeaways

    Enjoy all crowdbeamer benefits for screen sharing by enriching snapshots or fragments with custom info. Use the crowdbeamer app to mark text, tag fragments, add private comments or bright ideas – and then sync all of that to your favorite note-taking app or cloud storage service.

Organizing? Improve meeting productivity at lower cost!

Organizers enjoy crowdbeamer benefits & improve meeting productivity at lower cost
  • Solve the meeting room puzzle

    Employ crowdbeamer screen sharing where & when needed most, with or without a projector or television display. And as it doesn’t depend on a Wi-Fi network or external power supply, crowdbeamer will keep you going at all times.

  • Provide ultimate presentation flexibility

    With presentations always being finalized at the last minute, time savings are among the major crowdbeamer benefits. Even when presenters add new content during a meeting, anybody in the room will be able to capture up-to-the-minute digital handouts and enjoy crowdbeamer benefits for personalized information sharing.

  • Organize meetings that foster productivity

    Restore the optimal discussion environment during any meeting. crowdbeamer incites meeting participants to make eye contact again, and to capture visual & auditory cues from anybody else around the meeting table.

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