New presentation system ‘crowdbeamer®’: giving presentations will never be the same again

Amsterdam, February 7th 2017 – Slides and video during presentations are disseminated in real-time to the audience – a world’s first, developed in Antwerp (Belgium). It allows the audience – using their own smartphone, laptop or tablet – to capture presentations and images, take notes right on them, as well as storing the desired information, anytime, anywhere – even where there is no internet connection. No other system allows this. crowdbeamer® is set to be launched at the ISE exhibition today.

New Experiences for Presenters and the Audience

With the launch of crowdbeamer®, meetings, presentations, events and press conferences are elevated to a new level.

For starters, crowdbeamer® offers great ease of use to speakers.
“crowdbeamer® is not dependent on the Internet. Consequently, as a speaker, you no longer need to worry about a good Wi-Fi connection”, says co-founder Hans Romaen. “You offer your audience an innovative, unique service which enables them to store images right on their own device, as well as adding notes. Moreover, this is a sustainable solution because, thanks to crowdbeamer®, there is no more need to hand out printouts of presentations.”
Also, since the system immediately disseminates information, presentations no longer need to betransmitted in advance, resulting in additional time savings for the speaker.

The unique thing about crowdbeamer® is that the audience, at the same time as the speaker, have the same image on their screen and can start working on it right away: Take notes, mark elements, place comments… and store only the information they find interesting. No more lost notes: Everything is stored right away on their own, familiar device. In addition, crowdbeamer® provides the perfect solution for a common annoyance during presentations: legibility. Everything is perfectly legible on your own screen!
All the audience need is the free crowdbeamer® app on the devices they always have with them: laptop, smartphone or tablet.

A growing number of people want to have as many things digital as possible

“The development of crowdbeamer® meets a real need”, explains Peter Ryckaert, co-founder of crowdbeamer®. “Research* shows that 76% – while attending a presentation – would like to be able to immediately note down their ideas to accompany the slides. Thus, crowdbeamer® represents a real added value for them”, Peter Ryckaert continues. “We expect crowdbeamer® to appeal to a great many people. Already, 8 in 10 Dutch citizens have a laptop, 9 in 10 have a smartphone and 67% have a tablet.”
In professional environments, too, smartphones, tablets or laptops are often brought to meetings and/or presentations, for example to take screenshots or photos during a presentation or to film part of it.

Where and For Whom?

Crowdbeamer® has a wide variety of uses. The presentation system can be used any place where people gather: In classic meetings, during a sales pitch, but also outdoors, at construction sites, during dinner, on the bus or the train, in hotel lobbies…
“We are especially proud to have a few big corporate names among our early adopters. Even before the product hit the market, they demonstrated their confidence in crowdbeamer®. They include the Belgian multinational company Puratos, Deloitte, Hanssens Telecom, Groep Hugo Ceusters and the Crown Plaza Hotel in Bruges”, concludes Hans Romaen.
crowdbeamer is a RORYCO trademark.
RORYCO was founded in 2015 by Hans Romaen and Peter Ryckaert.
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Primary Press Contact

If you are a journalist and  would like to schedule an interview or get more detailed information about crowdbeamer, please contact:

Op de Beeck & Partners

Thérèse van Bellinghen

+32 475 47 82 33

Nancy CantensNuevo sistema de presentación ‘crowdbeamer®’: dar presentaciones nunca volverá a ser lo mismo