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Crowdbeamer streams any content straight to everybody’s smartphone, tablet or laptop. All of that happens in real time. No preparation or aftercare required.

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Deliver ultimate flexibility

No matter where, crowdbeamer’s built-in WiFi puts the speaker’s screen straight into the hands of the audience. All that is needed is to connect crowdbeamer to the conference presentation system.

There is no need whatsoever to upload files or send emails to deliver handouts. That frees up valuable time for speakers to prepare their presentation and fine-tune their message until the very last instant.

Any seminar or conference organizer will instantly acknowledge the problem that crowdbeamer solves. Taking pictures of the big projection screen is no longer required because crowdbeamer delivers the information straight to everybody’s personal device.
Crowdbeamer is a tool that enables us to deliver a better service to all of our conference participants. Attending medical demonstrations during conferences has become a lot more comfortable, and participants can build a personal documentation set on their tablet or smartphone.
Danielle JacobsDanielle JacobsGeneral Manager - Beltug
Dr. Jean HébrantDr. Jean HébrantPresident - Belgian Society for Aesthetic Medicine and Lasers

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Jump out of the ordinary

Deliver conference and seminar participants the experience of a lifetime, and count on crowdbeamer to support you in that. Crowdbeamer can be used wherever and whenever you need it, enabling you to explore new opportunities and engage participants to the fullest.

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Scale to any audience size

During seminars and conference breakout sessions, crowdbeamer can be used to present to an audience up to 150.

Using a crowdbeamer ProAV network, conference keynote speakers can even share in real time with an audience of 500+. Full coverage of any indoor or outdoor space is easily achieved, no matter how complex the conference space layout.

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