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Well, to be fair: it only depends on your imagination. Thanks to its secure private WiFi network and built-in battery, crowdbeamer is a fully mobile solution: you can literally use it anywhere to instantly share screen content with people that you meet. Think about all kinds of meetings, seminars, conferences, team discussions, informal discussions in a hotel lobby or while traveling on a train, city tours, digital signage, … Indoors or outdoors? Don’t worry, that doesn’t really matter with crowdbeamer.

You can use crowdbeamer anywhere in the world. Not depending on the availability of a WiFi network or an external power supply, you can instantly put it at work exactly where and when you need it.

As long as your laptop has a video output, you definitely can. You can actually simply plug crowdbeamer into any device with a VGA or HDMI port. While that definitely includes your laptop, you can also use crowdbeamer with many other devices, such as ultrasound scanners, video cameras, microscopes, wireless presentation systems, etc.

The answer to this question is really easy: none at all. Whenever we say “Simply plug crowdbeamer into your laptop and instantly share any screen content”, we literally mean instantly. No software needs to be installed on your laptop.

The crowdbeamer device features a private WiFi network that lets you share screens in real time with your audience. As a result, crowdbeamer can be used at wide range locations – even (or especially) when no network or internet connection is available. crowdbeamer’s secure private WiFi network significantly extends its usability, in particular for mobile applications (such as guided tours, company visits, teaching, …).

Definitely not! The beauty of crowdbeamer is that it really shares any screen content. In that sense, a PowerPoint presentation or a PDF are just a few examples of what type of information you can share. But there are so many others: YouTube movies, Google Docs, Keynote presentations, Prezi’s, website pages, … And then we’re just talking about connecting crowdbeamer to a laptop. Just imagine what you can share when you plug crowdbeamer into a video camera, a microscope or a medical device…

The crowdbeamer app is available for iOS, Windows 7/8/10 and Android. It can be used on a smartphone, a tablet, or a Windows PC.

Well, you might use that kind of connection to download our free app. But once you have it installed, you only need to connect to crowdbeamer’s secure private WiFi-network – and you definitely don’t need any 3G/4G connection to do that.

Absolutely. Content is shared in real time through source device’s VGA or HDMI port using crowdbeamer’s private WiFi network. Your audience therefor never needs to access any corporate network. Additionally, you can specify a password that your audience needs to provide in order to view your information on their personal devices.

crowdbeamer has a built-in battery that lasts 4 hours. So, yes: even when no AC is available, you can use crowdbeamer.

Each crowdbeamer device comes with a warranty period of 1 year. We invite you to activate your crowdbeamer device, which extends the 1 year warranty period to 2 years and provides access to free firmware updates during that extended warranty period (the warranty period for the built-in battery is limited to 1 year under all conditions.)

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