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Crowdbeamer is an excellent example of how new technologies inspire new ways of teaching.

Crowdbeamer facilitates classroom arrangements that create a sense of community and encourage students to interact and to learn together. Whether it’s a “Teacher In The Middle” setup, an open square with the open side facing the smartboard or a fluid classroom arrangement that changes with evolving learning needs, crowdbeamer enables you to organize the classroom in a way that encourages interaction.

But there’s more.

Thanks to crowdbeamer’s built-in WiFi and battery, you can take it with you during any outdoor learning activities. Outdoor learning is a unique approach to motivating students in a relevant context. Crowdbeamer makes it extremely easy for you to share supporting content from your tablet or digital camera, strengthening the outdoor learning experience and keeping your students actively engaged.

Using crowdbeamer for outdoor learning

Crowdbeamer® is the perfect tool for my students to use during my classes. Students simply spend too much time writing. I’d rather have them do less of that, and think more about what I’m teaching. That’s precisely what crowdbeamer makes possible.

Rebekka Schmidt

Prof. Dr. Rebekka Schmidt

Art Didactics professor at the University of Paderborn

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