Crowdbeamer is a presentation system that streams any content in real time to all portable devices, wherever people meet.

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Share in real time

Connect your presentation device to crowdbeamer, and start presenting right away. No software installation is required to share your content in real time with all people around you.

Share no matter where you are

Thanks to its built-in battery and WiFi, crowdbeamer provides ultimate flexibility. No matter where you are, crowdbeamer puts your message straight into the hands of your audience.

Share no matter where you are

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Let people take your message home with them

The free crowdbeamer app lets everybody capture content and add notes, mark text, … to build a library of personalized handouts. Exporting handouts to other business apps or sharing them with peers is a snap.

Don’t feel limited in what you share

Need to switch to a web page, an online document or a video during your presentation?
 No problem at all, crowdbeamer adapts itself to your needs.

Using crowdbeamer to share online documents

Grow with your audience

Use crowdbeamer to present to an audience up to 150. Reach out to an audience of any size using a network of crowdbeamers – anytime, anywhere.

Grow with your audience

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Share from any presentation device

Connect crowdbeamer to any device with an HDMI or VGA output – including digital cameras. And by using the appropriate adapter, share content from any tablet or smartphone.

Use with any presentation technology

Real-time sharing with crowdbeamer works great by itself, or with any presentation technology you are currently using. Simply connect crowdbeamer, and start sharing.

Stay in control at all times

Disable forward viewing. Safeguard your IP by securing any sensitive information. Auto-generate WiFi security keys in between presentation sessions.

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