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Crowdbeamer brings the benefits of real-time presentation sharing to both you and your audience, anywhere you want. Simply connect any device with an HDMI or VGA output to crowdbeamer. That’s all you need to do – no software installation is required.

It’s portable. It doesn’t require an internet connection. It shares any type of content, including video. And it delivers up-to-the-minute handouts directly to your audience.

How crowdbeamer works

Compatible with other presentation technology

Real-time presentation sharing with crowdbeamer works great just by itself, or with any of the technologies you are already using today. Connect crowdbeamer to your projector, flat panel display, videoconferencing system, wireless presentation system, … and start presenting.

Projector and flat panel displays

Projector & flat panel displays





Wireless presentation systems

Wireless presentation systems

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  • BDO
  • Deloitte
  • Hanssens Telecom
  • Hugo Ceusters
  • ingenium logo
  • Mediaventures
  • Nijkerk Computer Solutions

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