Share anything, safely

Share any type of content

Crowdbeamer lets you share any type of content from your presentation device. Need to switch to a web page, an online document or a video during your presentation? No problem at all, crowdbeamer adapts itself to your needs.

Tables & fine print

Reading spreadsheet cells on a distant projector display can be challenging, just to give an example. With crowdbeamer, everybody can read the information directly on their personal device and zoom in on the snapshots.

Software demonstrations

As crowdbeamer enables all demo participants to capture the software flow step by step, they can easily build their own software tutorial using a mix of static screenshots and video streams.

Online documents

Just access SharePoint, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, ZOHO Docs, … from your presentation device and start sharing. No internet access is needed for your audience.

Share from any device

Connect crowdbeamer to any device with an HDMI or VGA output – including digital cameras. And by using the appropriate adapter, share content from any tablet or smartphone.

Share in real time

Crowdbeamer mirrors your screen content in real time to the app, giving your audience a clear view of whatever you present – anytime, anywhere. No need for you to upload files or send emails to deliver handouts to the participants. That frees up valuable time to prepare your presentation in the best way possible and fine-tune your message until the very last moment.

Share in real time

Share safely

While you are presenting, your audience never needs to access any corporate network to enjoy the crowdbeamer benefits. Presenting confidential information? Always stay in control when sharing – disabling forward viewing, safeguarding IP or blocking sensitive information. Or easily change access passwords between different presentation sessions.

Share safely
Luc MeulewaeterShare anything safely