Crowdbeamer ProAV

The ultimate presentation system for conferences and events

Within the crowdbeamer portfolio, crowdbeamer ProAV is the product that serves the needs of conference and event organizers.

Crowdbeamer ProAV is a ruggedized device tha

  • can be securely suspended to a stage truss,
  • can easily cover any indoor or outdoor space by daisy-chaining a series of devices,
  • supports 500+ simultaneously connected client devices,
  • will run all new features that will be released as future firmware updates or feature packs,
  • comes with access to free support & firmware updates during the warranty period.
crowdbeamer ProAV

Using a network of new crowdbeamer ProAV devices, conference keynote speakers can now share in real time with each participant in an audience of 500+. All that is needed is to connect the master crowdbeamer HDMI to the event AV system. Crowdbeamer ProAV’s built-in WiFi then provides all conference participants with instant access to any screen content shared by speakers, whatever the complexity of the conference space layout.

Crowdbeamer ProAV’s multiple powering and networking options (including PoE) deliver the flexibility, reliability, and scalability that professional AV companies are looking for. They can now provide live content sharing solutions that meet the needs of even the most demanding conference and event organizers.

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