A new view on wireless presentation systems

What is a wireless presentation system?

A wireless presentation system typically uses screen mirroring technology to let users present wirelessly from their laptop, tablet or smartphone to another screen. This type of media streaming device is generally used in various collaborative environments such as classrooms, huddle spaces, meeting rooms and conference rooms.

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Why should you use a wireless presentation system?

In times where information has become so important, the need to share information with peers is even more crucial. Wireless presentation systems facilitate this process by enabling people to share any type of content instantly from a presentation device to a (large size) display device.

But with crowdbeamer, there is a completely new view on how a wireless presentation system works and what it can do. Instead of making cables between the presentation device and the display device obsolete, wireless technology such as crowdbeamer can be used to broadcast any presentation content to all wirelessly connected personal devices.

Using a wireless presentation system

That can save you a lot of time, space and money. Since content can be streamed directly to all personal devices in the audience, there is no need for sending documents beforehand, sharing last-minute edits or mailing handouts afterward. Basically, this type of wireless presentation system enables better and more natural interaction between presenters and their audience.

So how does a wireless presentation system such as crowdbeamer work?

With crowdbeamer, everyone can wirelessly connect any personal device within seconds and get the best view of what you are presenting. Low projector quality or inconvenient seating that cause a poor presentation experience are now a thing of the past. All that the people in your audience need is a free app.
How a wireless presentation system like crowdbeamer works

All you need to do is

1. Download our app to your device.
2. Connect to the crowdbeamer WiFi network.
3. Follow the presentation on your own device.

And what are the benefits of presenting wirelessly with crowdbeamer?

How does a wireless presentation device like crowdbeamer work?
  • Simplicity

Because we believe meetings should run as smoothly as possible, we made crowdbeamer plug-and-present. With plug-and-present, there is no software installation required and all you need is a VGA or HDMI adapter or a classic wireless presentation system that is connected to the crowdbeamer device.

  • Multi-platform

With crowdbeamer being plug-and-present, presenters can share from almost any device (a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, a camera, etc.) making it perfect for any BYOD environment. Furthermore, crowdbeamer can be used in combination with any display, projector or smartboard.

  • Multi-user

Up to 150 users can simultaneously connect to a single crowdbeamer from any Android, iOS, MacOS or Windows device. If you need to support even more users, you can easily create a network of crowdbeamer devices. In the end, everyone can go home with their personalized set of presentation hand-outs.

  • Compact and mobile

Crowdbeamer is a lightweight and compact device, suited for every screen and every meeting style. While the crowdbeamer system requires a cabled connection to the central display device, users can instantly make a wireless connection and are not bothered with connecting cables. Crowdbeamer is adaptable to your needs, allowing you to present on the go.

  • HDMI and VGA compatible

The crowdbeamer wireless presentation system offers both analog (VGA) and digital (HDMI) interfaces.

  • Centralized presentation management

The crowdbeamer wireless presentation system comes with a web-based interface allowing for remote and central management of presentation devices.

  • Secured wireless presentation

As a presenter, you can control access to the live presentation stream through password protection. And the password can be easily changed in between presentation sessions.

  • Declutters your spaces

At the touch of a button, meeting attendees can wirelessly connect to the live presentation stream. No more cables are needed, users can simply enjoy their freedom.

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