Board meetings

Overseeing company strategy and policies in a globalized world

The increasing globalization of business operations impacts how board meetings are being conducted. Especially with the rise of modern cost-effective video conferencing tools like Adobe® Connect™, Cisco WebEx®, Citrix GoToMeeting® (just to name a few), board members can quickly join from different locations in the world.

Even more sophisticated video conferencing facilities can be realized using digital video cameras or purpose-built visual collaboration solutions instead of laptop cameras. Many such digital video cameras support USB interfaces, expanding their ability to work with any meeting room hardware. In addition to providing high-definition image quality, some of today’s most innovative camera designs come with built-in intelligence to facilitate communication – zooming in on people as they are speaking.

crowdbeamer makes it easier for board members to interact in a more natural way

Whatever the location from which board members join a meeting, crowdbeamer makes it easy for them to interact with others. Connecting crowdbeamer with modern videoconferencing and presentation hardware delivers information right to every board member’s personal device. Rather than staring at a remote projector or television display, board members can easily make eye contact – even with people joining from a remote location.

And crowdbeamer keeps things exceptionally simple and time-efficient. It does not require any software to be installed, and is very easy to use. Board members will therefore not feel hindered by any technology constraints, but will even find it easier to interact with others in a more natural way.

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