Brainstorm sessions

Brainstorm sessions should help generate lots of new ideas

Brainstorm sessions should be organized in the first place to generate lots of new ideas and potential solutions for a specific problem at hand. What therefore matters most during any such session is the degree to which everybody feels encouraged to speak up, and the ease with which ideas can flow among all participants.

A physical setup that supports brainstorm session participants to interact and collaborate naturally is therefore of primary importance. This helps create the momentum that is needed to generate an inflow of new ideas, and does so without pushing any authority on behalf of particular participants

Crowdbeamer makes it easy to share ideas between all people around the table

Next to the layout of the actual meeting environment, the ease with which new ideas and potential solutions can be documented and discussed is crucial to the success of any brainstorm session. Keeping things simple, crowdbeamer does not require any effort from the participants to share ideas with others or to complement them with private comments and suggestions for future use.

That’s exactly how crowdbeamer strengthens the flow of ideas and information among participants of any brainstorm session, and keeps them focused on generating potential solutions for the problem at hand. Visually sharing these ideas and solutions on participants’ private displays, crowdbeamer prompts everybody to focus on discussion and interaction – not interfering in any way with the creative process.

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