Company visits

People like company visits, but most of all they like the tour of the work floor

Company visits can be an excellent way for both students and professionals to network, and provide them with a unique opportunity to gain insights into how various companies operate in different markets. And while such company visits will always include a general type of introductory presentation on company history, markets, and strategy, it’s probably the tour of the work floor that will interest most people (and which they will remember afterward).

It’s this tour of the work floor that presents the best PR opportunity for the company being visited. Thanks to the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, crowdbeamer allows them to redeem this unique opportunity and share information during the tour.

Thanks to crowdbeamer, companies can turn this into a real PR opportunity

Using crowdbeamer’s private WiFi network and built-in battery, employees can easily share relevant information on the spot during a tour of the work floor. What’s more, they can look visitors directly in the eye and trigger them into interactivity. And they can do this anywhere, as crowdbeamer is a fully mobile solution that can be used exactly where it is needed – not requiring access to a WiFi network or an external power supply.

As crowdbeamer has been designed from the ground up with security in mind, employees can safely share any screen content with their visitors. Thanks to its private WiFi network, visitors never need to access the corporate network to enjoy crowdbeamer benefits: capturing content on a smartphone or tablet, extending it with personal comments, adding notes and syncing all that to a note-taking app or cloud storage service.

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