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No two sales presentations are the same

Whatever product or service you are selling, prospective customers are looking for information that makes them understand how you can help them solve their problems. As a result of the many interactions during a successful sales presentation, every such presentation will be unique. So why then should every customer receive the same handouts? Shouldn’t those handouts reflect the discussion and the interaction during the presentation?

Not providing prospect customers with the most relevant and valuable information represents a missed opportunity. Crowdbeamer enables you to fix that issue and deliver custom digital handouts with any type of visual content (including web content and movies), leaves a lasting impression with any prospective customer.

Crowdbeamer instantly shares personalized content, making a great impression from the start

Using crowdbeamer’s private WiFi network, you can instantly share your laptop’s screen content with your prospective customer. Not depending on the accessibility of a corporate WiFi network or the availability of an external power supply at the customer’s site, you can instantly use crowdbeamer exactly where you need it – making a great impression from the very first moment.

And what’s best of all: there is no need to bother your customer up-front by asking to provide a projector display or access to their corporate WiFi network. While you’re sharing content in real time, your customer can just use the free crowdbeamer app to capture your content on a smartphone, tablet or laptop and enrich it with private comments.

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