Data sharing

Diagnosing a problem is only one part of the job that needs to get done

Processing and analyzing large amounts of data to diagnose the cause of a problem (whether it be a medical, technical or financial one) is by no means an easy task. But in the end, data analysis and diagnostics is only one part of the job that needs to get done.

To translate any diagnosis into a workable solution, consultation and discussion with colleagues are needed. This requires analysis results to be shared such that everybody has the best possible view of them. That, in turn, demands the ability to quickly add ideas and comments that come forward during the discussion.

Sharing data transparently with crowdbeamer makes it easier to find a solution

Keeping things simple, crowdbeamer makes sharing diagnostics data a breeze. Visually sharing data analysis results with colleagues’ devices, crowdbeamer naturally encourages everybody to focus on the data – not on how they are being shared.

The ability of the free crowdbeamer app to easily mark sections and add personal comments makes it possible to document any valuable ideas and suggestions that come to mind – before they might be forgotten again. All in all, crowdbeamer fosters collaboration and creativity – even during a very  technical process.

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