Education during COVID-19


The existing measures to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV2 and the “social distancing” measure, in particular, make it nearly impossible to educate students in the traditional classroom. These classrooms simply aren’t adapted to this situation as students are still forced to sit side by side

Meanwhile, everyone is getting to know the alternatives. Working in a virtual classroom or keeping your knowledge up to date by studying from home offers a lot of advantages during this difficult time. But it also generates a lot of difficulties. On the other hand, now more than ever, everyone acknowledges the added value of going through a learning process as a group under the guidance of a teacher!

With crowdbeamer, we offer a solution for these restrictions and we can enable a teacher to teach a group of people.

Social Distancing

The instructions regarding “social distancing” read: always keep 1,5 to 2 meters distance between your students.

This rule implies the following:

  • In the same classrooms, only about 1/3 of the normal number of students will be able to have a seat.
  • As a consequence, bigger rooms will have to be used. This means that students will be seated further away from the blackboard, screen or projection. As a result, they might not be able to see the course content anymore.

Crowdbeamer can easily solve this problem because it allows each individual student to follow the course content directly and in real-time on their own device. Students can also zoom in on the course content and they can take snapshots to take home with them. Social distancing no longer affects the way you teach.

On top of that, Crowdbeamer is a mobile device with a built-in battery which allows you to quickly transfer it from one room to another.

This means that a school board can now decide which lessons are best suited for group education and which lessons are better left for other methods of education (e.g. virtual classrooms…)

With crowdbeamer, every student will be able to follow the course on their personal device and you will be able to keep the social distance between each student in your classroom. Because every student brings their own device, there is no need to worry about disinfecting and cleaning a large number of tablets, smartphones and laptops, each time a course ends or begins.

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Stephan RoosenEducation during COVID-19