Guided tours

To many people, guided tours can be a real letdown

That’s because such tours usually lack any interactivity, and because it can be pretty hard to get the message the guide is trying to convey – especially with larger groups. Unsurprisingly, it’s not just the tour participants that feel disappointed: the guide usually doesn’t feel too happy about how much valuable information is lost.

Because of the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, it’s a real shame that they cannot be put to better use during guided tours. At least, not until crowdbeamer made it possible to share visual content with any mobile device.

With crowdbeamer, tour parties are triggered into interactivity again

Using crowdbeamer’s private WiFi network and built-in battery, tour guides can now easily share information with a party of any size. What’s more, they can look their party directly in the eye and trigger them into interactivity. And they can do this anywhere, as crowdbeamer is a fully mobile solution that can be used exactly where it is needed – not depending on the availability of a WiFi network or an external power supply.

And while tour guides are thus sharing content in real time (potentially including short illustrative movies), party members can just use the free crowdbeamer app to capture content on their smartphone or tablet. Without any effort, they can further extend this content with private comments.

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