Instant information sharing during conferences is still quite cumbersome

Over the past decade, the increasing digitalization of communications has had a significant impact on how participants engage in professional conferences. Surprisingly, however, instant information sharing during conferences remains a cumbersome process despite the increasing use of note-taking apps and event apps (which provide up-to-date information on the conference program and allow to download presentation handouts).

Or why is it, for example, that people attending conferences mostly use pen and paper to take notes when they always have a smartphone or tablet at hand? And why do many of them make pictures of slides that they find interesting, thereby annoying many others in the audience? And why isn’t it possible to get digital handouts that correspond to what’s being presented, including any last minute changes made by the presenter?

With crowdbeamer, what you see is what you get on your portable device

With crowdbeamer plugged into the presentation device, any conference speaker can instantly share screen content with the audience. Audience members can capture snapshots or presentation fragments on their portable device of choice, using the free crowdbeamer app. Gone are the days of inconvenient seating: anybody will always get a great view on what’s being presented, while nobody needs to stand up and take pictures.

Even when presenters add new content until the very last minute, anybody in the room will be able to capture up-to-the-minute digital handouts – providing the ultimate presentation flexibility. Presenters needn’t worry any longer about getting last minute updates to their audience, as crowdbeamer automatically takes care of that. That frees up valuable time for them, during which they can focus on preparing their presentation in the best way possible.

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