Project meetings

Project meetings are about communication to make decisions

Project meetings are essential instruments to monitor and advance project implementation status on a regular basis. Involving all stakeholders, project meetings are mostly about communication to make joint decisions that ensure on-time and on-budget delivery.

To achieve that, project meetings focus on fostering collaboration among all participants. And while they are mostly well planned and structured, the success of these meetings also depends on a somewhat fluid modus operandi that aims to engage people fully. In the heat of the battle, things may come to the verge of being chaotic with participants sharing, commenting or even reshaping ideas using the available display and whiteboard technologies.

Crowdbeamer delivers decision information to project stakeholders’ devices

Ultimately, however, information and ideas need to be shared transparently with project stakeholders. Rather than visualizing decision information on a projector or television display, crowdbeamer delivers it directly to everybody’s device. By inciting project stakeholders to make eye contact (rather than staring at a remote screen), crowdbeamer restores the optimal discussion environment and encourages meeting participants to interact.

Crowdbeamer keeps it simple, not requiring to install any software. Even hooking it up to an interactive whiteboard is straightforward, and instantly delivers the whiteboard’s content to any project stakeholder’s laptop, tablet or smartphone. Also, crowdbeamer’s ability to not just capture static screen images but to record entire presentation fragments as well makes it possible to document the various steps during the decision-making process and save it for future consultation.

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Project meetings