A seminar’s success depends on how actively everybody participates

The success of any seminar largely depends on the degree to which everybody actively participates. While seminar participants should, of course, have easy access to up-to-date handouts to support their learning process, they should in the first place feel encouraged to interact actively during the seminar itself.

Crowdbeamer unobtrusively supports and documents any seminar’s interactivity process

Crowdbeamer’s unobtrusive use paradigm is just perfect to get that done. Keeping things simple, crowdbeamer has seminar participants focused on what’s essential for them – not affecting at all how they participate in the seminar. Visually sharing information with seminar participants’ devices, crowdbeamer incites everybody to make eye contact and to participate in the learning process actively.

Crowdbeamer’s ability to not just capture static screen images but to record entire presentation fragments as well makes it possible to document the various steps during the seminar’s interactivity process and save it securely for future reference.

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