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Customers want to take a feeling of excitement back home with them

Whatever product you are selling, prospective customers are always looking for information that provides an answer to their questions and preferences. Especially with custom configured products (such as a car, furniture, or a kitchen), a lot of valuable information is discussed during the customization process. As often as not, that process involves a 3D visualization gradually built up during a number of configuration steps.

And while you need to provide a final price quotation to your customers, it’s the process of configuring their product and visualizing it in 3D that creates a feeling of excitement on their side. Using crowdbeamer, you can share that entire process with them and deliver it directly to their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Crowdbeamer lets them do just that

All your prospective customers need is to install the free crowdbeamer app on a portable device of choice. This app lets them capture any visual content you share, whether it’s a simple snapshot or an entire presentation fragment that documents the configuration process. Using this handy app, they can enrich this information with private remarks, mark fragments, … and sync all this to their favorite note-taking app or cloud storage service.

As crowdbeamer has been designed from the ground up with security in mind, you can safely share any screen content with your customer. Thanks to its private WiFi network, your customers never need to access your corporate network to enjoy crowdbeamer benefits.  And as your customers probably don’t want their custom configuration to be shared accidentally with others, you can even give them exclusive access.

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