Teachers and students can spend more time on interactivity than ever before

Facilitating students to acquire new knowledge and skills is a process that has undergone many changes in the recent past. Especially with the advent of interactive whiteboards in many classrooms and with more emphasis on actively involving students in the learning process, teachers and students now spend more time on deepening insights and interactivity than ever before.

Consequently, the teaching and the learning experience are probably much less linear than they used to be – and students will most likely find it essential to document both the learning facts and the learning process. With crowdbeamer’s ability to not just capture static screen images but to record entire presentation fragments as well, they can now do just that.

Crowdbeamer supports and documents the learning process

All that is needed is to plug crowdbeamer into the interactive whiteboard’s video output (no software installation required), or to connect it to a tablet for outdoor learning activities. Students only need to install the free crowdbeamer app on their laptops, tablets or mobile phones to capture whatever they consider relevant. And they can do this in a way that neither interferes with the teaching process nor spoils the momentum created during class. Keeping things simple, crowdbeamer has students hooked on what’s essential for them: interaction with their teacher and fellow students.

Using the free crowdbeamer app on their tablet or laptop, students can enrich the captured information with personal remarks or with comments given by their teacher, they can mark specific fragments to underline their importance, … and they can safely sync all this information to the cloud.

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