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Informal team discussions can be nice for a change, but how to make them productive?

Along with an increasing trend to repurpose private office space into open workplaces, social meeting spaces are gaining popularity within many companies. Often referred to as huddle spaces, these semi-enclosed spaces provide a relaxed environment where people feel encouraged to engage more interactively. Perfect for short informal meetings and team discussions, huddle spaces boost collaboration and creativity.

But as huddle spaces usually lack any technologies such as a display or a whiteboard, it may become quite a challenge to take a meeting beyond the level of a casual chat. Even if huddle spaces provide an informal environment, huddle space meetings should still be productive. That’s why participants must be able to visualize and share ideas hassle-free, especially when they bring their own devices (BYOD) along. And that’s precisely where crowdbeamer’s screen sharing technology proves to be invaluable.

Crowdbeamer instantly turns any huddle space into a functional meeting environment

Using crowdbeamer’s private WiFi network and built-in battery, anybody joining in a huddle can instantly share screen content with others. And everybody present can use the free crowdbeamer app to capture shared screen content on a smartphone, tablet or laptop and sync it to a favorite note-taking app or cloud storage service.

That’s how crowdbeamer instantly turns huddle spaces into a temporary but fully functional meeting environment where people feel free to interact and discuss – unhindered by technology constraints. In doing so, crowdbeamer provides organizations with a flexible, low-cost solution that maximizes both office space utilization and employee productivity.

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