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Crowdbeamer is a unique presentation system fostering dialogue between presenters and their audience. It enables presenters to adapt information until just before it is presented and then instantly share it with their audience. It provides their audience with up-to-date handouts that can easily be saved as personalized information.

Crowdbeamer is typically used during meetings and seminars, offering both presenter and the audience a totally different experience. But crowdbeamer can also be used outside the four walls of the meeting room, enabling a multitude of use cases.

To discover all benefits crowdbeamer has in store for personalized information sharing whenever and wherever people meet, review the crowdbeamer use cases below.

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Using crowdbeamer in project meetings

Project meetings

During project meetings, all information needs to be shared transparently with project stakeholders. Rather than visualizing decision information on a central projector or television display, crowdbeamer delivers it directly to everybody’s personal device - making it easier to take decisions that ensure on-time delivery.

Using crowdbeamer in team discussions

Team discussions

Huddle spaces provide an environment where people feel encouraged to engage more interactively, boosting collaboration and creativity. Using crowdbeamer, any team that meets in a huddle space can instantly share screen content from any device among all people joining the discussion.

Using crowdbeamer in board meetings

Board meetings

Whatever the location from which board members join a meeting, crowdbeamer makes it easy for them to naturally interact with others. And crowdbeamer keeps it simple at all times, not requiring any software to be installed. Board members will therefore never feel hindered by any technology constraints.

Using crowdbeamer in customer presentations

Sales presentations

Using crowdbeamer’s private Wi-Fi network, you can instantly share screen content with a customer from any laptop. Not depending on accessibility of a Wi-Fi network or power supply availability, crowdbeamer can be put at work exactly where it is needed – making a great impression from the start.

Using crowdbeamer in seminars


A seminar’s success large depends on how actively everybody participates. crowdbeamer’s unobtrusive use paradigm is just perfect to make that happen. Keeping things simple, crowdbeamer keeps seminar participants focused at all times on what’s really important for them.

Using crowdbeamer in showroom sales pitches

Sales pitches

Customers want to take a feeling of excitement back home. Especially with custom configured products (such as a car, furniture, or a kitchen), a lot of exciting and personalized information is being discussed in a showroom - and crowdbeamer makes it really easy to share that with customers.

Using crowdbeamer in education


Facilitating students to acquire new knowledge is a process that has undergone many changes in the recent past. With crowdbeamer’s ability to capture static screen images and to record entire presentation fragments as well, students can document both the learning facts and the learning process.

Using crowdbeamer in brainstorm sessions

Brainstorm sessions

Brainstorm sessions should be organized in the first place to generate lots of new ideas for a specific problem at hand. crowdbeamer strenghtens the flow of ideas and information among all participants, and prompts everybody to focus on interaction – naturally supporting the creativity process.

Using crowdbeamer in professional conferences


With crowdbeamer plugged into the presentation device, any speaker can instantly share screen content with the audience. Gone are the days of inconvenient seating: nobody needs to stand up and take pictures of what’s being presented, but use the crowdbeamer app to capture information.

Using crowdbeamer in data analysis & diagnostics

Data sharing

Analyzing data to diagnose the root cause of a problem is only one part of the job that needs to get done. crowdbeamer makes sharing diagnostics data a breeze - facilitating the consultation and discussion with colleagues that is needed to translate any diagnosis into a workable solution.

Using crowdbeamer in company visits

Company visits

Using crowdbeamer, employees can instantly share screen content with visitors - and they can do this on the spot during a tour of the work floor. And, thanks to crowdbeamer's private Wi-Fi network, visitors never need to access the corporate network to enjoy crowdbeamer benefits.

Using crowdbeamer in guided tours

Guided tours

To many people guided tours can be a real letdown, because such tours usually lack any kind of interactivity. Not so with crowdbeamer, which enables tour guides to share any content with a party of any size. Party members can directly view personalized information on their smartphone or tablet.

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