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  • First and foremost, crowdbeamer is a tool that enables us to deliver a better service to all of our conference participants. Attending medical demonstrations has become a lot more comfortable, and participants can build a personal documentation set on their tablet or smartphone.

    Dr. Jean Hébrant
    Dr. Jean Hébrant President of the Belgian Society for Aesthetic Medicine and Lasers
  • This presentation system will be a must-have for anyone who wants to share information in a modern, simple way.  It’s almost unthinkable that it didn’t exist yet.  You get the same information on your personal device as you see on the big screen, which significantly improves readability.

    Michel De Bosschere
    Michel De Bosschere Former VP & Board Member RICOH
  • What a fantastic solution to brief customers during a bus ride. Customers simply launch the crowdbeamer app, and can instantly view all information on their smartphone!

    Gregory Sergeant
    Gregory Sergeant Go4Cycling partner
  • Making handouts available doesn’t affect audience attention positively. But crowdbeamer offers a really good solution: it allows the audience to decide on the spot what information is relevant and store that information for future use.

    Edouard Gruwez
    Edouard Gruwez Managing Director To The Point At Work
  • It pays off to sit around the table together with your audience during training. That’s because everybody gets into the heart of the presentation. And thanks to crowdbeamer, the big projector screen is not even needed anymore.

    Karl Odent
    Karl Odent SalesBridge co-founder

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