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Personalized information sharing couldn’t be easier

A mobile device

Simply plug crowdbeamer into any device with a video output, and instantly share screen content with your audience in a secure way.

Anywhere. Anytime. Effortless.

A free app

Using the crowdbeamer app, anybody in your audience can now selectively capture screen content and create personalized handouts – avoiding information overload.

Turning content into information.

A free app

A cloud library

Tightly integrated with popular note-taking apps and cloud storage services, the crowdbeamer app lets your audience sync their personalized handouts to the cloud.

Always the same clear view.

crowdbeamer is the first-ever portable device that brings wireless information sharing to everybody involved in meetings

Information sharing with crowdbeamer works great just by itself

or with any of these technologies you are already using today

projector displays
Projector displays
flat panel displays
Flat panel displays
interactive whiteboards
Interactive whiteboards
wireless presentation
Wireless presentation

What people say about crowdbeamer

  • Crowdbeamer® is flexible, mobile and works without an internet connection.  This makes the solution universally applicable, and that is in fact the power of crowdbeamer.  The first, enthusiastic reactions of US companies prove that this product has a great future ahead on the US market.

    Stephen Forte
    Stephen Forte Managing Partner of Fresco Capital Palo Alto
  • This will be a must-have for anyone who wants to share information in a modern, simple way.  It’s almost unthinkable that it didn’t exist yet.  You get the same information on your personal device as you see on the big screen, which significantly improves readability.

    Michel De Bosschere
    Michel De Bosschere Former VP & Board Member RICOH
  • Giving presentations at any time or place without the need for an internet connection is simply amazing. But what really strikes me is that the crowdbeamer team has a vision about providing insights on presentation sessions.  A great example of data analytics, helping businesses to get the most out of information sharing.

    Michael Jones Senior Vice President, International Business Strategies
  • crowdbeamer fulfills a real need in our sector.

    Gaëtane Stassijns, UZA
    Gaëtane Stassijns Head of the department Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Antwerp University Hospital
  • Crowdbeamer has worldwide potential.  It’s universally deployable and solves a clear issue.  It’s only logical that crowdbeamer’s ambition is to be a world player in presentation technology.

    Sam Sluismans, Deloitte
    Sam Sluismans partner Deloitte

crowdbeamer brings benefits to everybody involved in meetings of any kind


who use crowdbeamer to engage their audience like never before.

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